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Alvarez Associates LLC specializes in working with employers in both the public and private sector to help prevent, mitigate and recovery from incidents of Workplace Violence.  We leverage decades of experience, education and research to provide holistic and practical solutions that fit your organizations needs.

Vulnerability Assessments 

Our proprietary Workplace Violence Vulnerability Assessment™ (WVVA) helps you address your duty of care and includes an identification of potential threats your organization may face based on the four recognized categories of violence and provides a detailed report of observations and recommendations.

Safety and Security Training 

Our evidence informed, experience applied programs are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that your employees need to be able to prevent aggression and violence when they can, mitigate issues and concerns that could lead to aggression and violence and understand how to respond if the situation arises.

Behavioral Threat Assessment &  Management 

Determining the appropriate response(s) to an actual or perceived threat or concerning behavior can be a daunting experience. Our threat management professionals rely on a structured, Evidence Informed, Experience Applied process to help manage a broad range of workplace threats.

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