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Confrontation Management - Basic

Interacting with frustrated, aggressive or unstable people can be a shocking and scary experience if you are unprepared.  This course helps your staff develop the skills and confidence to better address these situations and prevent a challenging situation from becoming a critical incident.  Avoiding confrontation is as much a cultural change as an operational tactic.  

Our programs are Evidence-Informed and Experienced Applied. In other words, we incorporate current studies and research balanced with decades of field experience and “lessons learned” from real cases.  Participants will learn relevant strategies to avoid escalation and manage confrontations in a non-violent manner.  

Objective:  Learn to avoid confrontation when possible and practice strategies and skills to respond when necessary.

Target Audience:

Front office personnel, security officers, cashiers, customer service representatives, Health Care Professionals, teachers, field employees; virtually any employee who has interaction with the public.


Core Content:  

  • Personal safety strategies

  • Workplace safety strategies

  • Identifying escalation factors

    • Trigger words, non-verbal’s, customer service  

  • Review factors that may complicate confrontation

    • Mental Health, Drugs/Alcohol, Cultural Differences

  • Interpreting body language and recognizing signs of crisis and escalation

  • Recognizing the progression of Confrontation (Difficult, Disruptive, Dangerous)

  • Setting emotional and physical boundaries

  • Using Verbal Self-Defense and De-escalation Techniques

  • Scenario-based case studies

  • Interactive role-playing

Length of Course: 4 hours


We customize each course to meet your organizational needs - this is your training, not ours.

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