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Security and Safety Training

Our workplace violence prevention courses help prepare your employees and managers by providing the knowledge and skills they need to recognize inappropriate and concerning behavior, intervene and respond appropriately to protect themselves and others. At the heart of our programs is helping your employees better understand the dynamics of frustration, confrontation and violence.

In addition to establishing a formal Workplace Violence Prevention Plan, California based employers must develop hazard assessment programs, keep track of violent incidents and implement employee focused workplace violence training.  We offer a range of prevention courses designed to help your organization meet its SB553 compliance requirements.   Some of our courses include:

In Person Training


Virtual Training


On Demand Training


We provide personalized, instructor led trainings both in person and virtually, and very soon you will be able to access some of our courses on-demand. One of our main goals, is to provide a memorable learning experience for you and your employees.  Our instructors leverage “real world” experiences, education, and research to create an engaging training session.   

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