Security and Safety Training


Our Evidence Informed, Experience Applied programs are designed to provide the knowledge and skills that your employees need to be able to Prevent aggression and violence when they can, Mitigate issues and concerns that could lead to aggression and violence and understand how to Respond if the situation arises. Our cadre of experienced instructors provide courses that are highly interactive, engaging and use positive reinforcement, in a story-telling format, to create lasting "mental anchors".


Our Difference: While there are core themes, all our programs are custom designed and take into consideration your organization's unique culture, environment,  challenges and goals. We will meet and confer with your team on the design of each course before curriculum development and delivery of learning objectives. If you don’t see the course you’re looking for listed, please ask.


Warning:  These are not the same boring talking head, read-from-the-screen courses you may have attended in the past.  We put our hearts into each and every course and strive to create a safe and even fun learning environment.



Focused Courses

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