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Active Shooter Prevention and Response M.O.V.E.™

Options Based Response Protocol

Based on recent research conducted by the FBI, it's clear that in the vast majority of incidents the shooter had a previous connection with the place he attacked.  Our program heavily emphasizes understanding the warning signs and how to help identify persons of concern.


Unfortunately, as we all know Active Shooter attacks happen unexpectedly in places that people often don’t expect.  These attacks are typical over in five minutes or less, the national average police response time is over 10 minutes to an active shooter -  we are on our own!


The M.O.V.E™ program was developed using decades of “real world” application and current research on how humans respond to critical incidents. Our founder was on the leading edge of developing active shooter prevention solutions and strategies for civilians.  This is not a watered down police response, this program has been designed for you.

  • Every situation is different

  • People need practical strategies to help overcome their panic and fear

  • It's going to take time for Law Enforcement help to arrive


Why choose an options based Protocol?

We will make you at least one promise, we will never tell you the best thing to do.  The reality is every situation is different and you will have to make some quick decisions based on what you are facing at that time.  What we will do is give you a range of options and a solid strategy to both prevent and respond to these incidents.

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