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Behavioral Threat Assessment & Management

If your organization is facing active threats of violence, or other inappropriate or dangerous behaviors, you may need assistance from a professional multidisciplinary response team. Our team of highly experienced consultants consists of corporate security directors, Certified Threat Managers, Law Enforcement personnel, emergency responders and mental/behavioral health professionals.  Our multidisciplinary team members leverage decades of knowledge and applied skills, to understand the challenges your organization faces because they have responded to them.


We utilize a structured, Evidence Informed, Experience Applied process to help evaluate and manage your situation. The process used by our trained Threat Assessment professionals is based on findings from of over 50 years of violence research by organizations including the FBI, Secret Service, academia and the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.  After conducting an initial assessment, our threat assessment experts will work with your staff to help determine the Level of Concern and help identify an appropriate course of action. If you don’t have a threat assessment team, we will help assemble the appropriate members and work with them throughout the assessment and intervention process. 

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