Alvarez Associates LLC, is a Northern California based firm that provides threat management, security consulting and workplace violence prevention training for private organizations, corporations, schools, hospitals, cities and counties.  Our team of highly experienced consultants consists of corporate security directors, Certified Threat Managers, Law Enforcement personnel, emergency responders and mental health professionals.  Our multidisciplinary team members leverage decades of knowledge and applied skills. They understand the challenges your organization faces because they have responded to them.


Our approach is Evidence Informed/Experience Applied.  In other words, we use industry best practices, incorporate current research and apply our “real world” experiences. One of  our primary goals is to take complicated issues and break them down to easy-to-understand strategies and solutions.


Hector Alvarez,



Mr. Alvarez is a security expert who specializes in workplace violence prevention, and a Certified Threat Manager™ by the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals. He has built over 25 years of experience from serving as Security Director protecting one of our nation's most sensitive critical infrastructures, to working as a city police officer and as a professional consultant. He understands the challenges organizations face when addressing the threats of violence because he has responded to them. He has personally assessed and/or responded to thousands of potentially violent situations, developed numerous violence prevention programs and trained tens of thousands of employees and managers in the areas of crisis intervention, violence prevention, domestic terrorism and emergency management. 

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Jadelyn Alvarez

Director of Operations

Ms. Alvarez is the cofounder of Alvarez Associates LLC and is responsible for the on-going development and management of the Company's consulting and training programs.  

She has over 10 years experience supporting Alvarez’ threat assessment activities with a specific emphasis on Open Source Investigations (OSINT). She holds a BS in Psychology from San Jose State.  

Dr. Carr is a principle consultant for Alvarez Associates, LLC and Adjunct Professor of Clinical and Forensic Psychology at North central University. He is a professional educator and trainer who is considered a subject matter expert in Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology and Administration of Justice.  His specialties are in Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence, and Crisis Intervention Training. Dr. Carr holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical-Forensic Psychology and a Master’s of Arts degrees in both Clinical-Forensic Psychology and Organizational Behavior. As an intern and practicum student, Dr. Carr gained additional experience in psychometric forensic evaluations working with adults and juveniles who on probation and/or incarcerated. Dr. Carr has worked in an Administrative Segregation Unit and in a Mental Health Crisis Bed were he conducted threat assessments and crisis intervention management for patients with severe and debilitating mental health disorders.

Ken Carr, Ph. D., M.A.O.B.

Forensic Psychology

Principal Consultant

Mr. Sather is a retired law enforcement Commander with 29 years of experience. Throughout his career he held positions in various assignments, including but not limited to; emergency management, emergency preparedness,  and property crime investigations. Mr. Sather holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Administration of Justice. He also received his Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Management certificates from the Peace Officers Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Mr. Sather was selected in 2006 to attend the highly respected F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico Virginia. The management courses were related to Cyber-crimes, violent behaviorial crimes, terrorism, an judicial law.

Mr. Sather was directly involved in implementing CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) with businesses who were either moving their operations, or opening a new business within the City of Folsom.

Currently Mr. Sather is a licensed Private Investigator. Mr. Sather is passionate about the safety of the community, and through Alvarez & Associates is bringing and sharing his expertise to future clientele.

Bryan Sather

Investigative Services

Rick Randolph is a Security Consultant and the owner and lead trainer for Nor Cal Self-Defense where he teaches self-defense, fear management, and violence prevention to private groups, companies, public high schools and more. In his full-time job, Rick is the Corporate Physical Security Manager one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers where he leads investigations, provides threat assessment and mitigation as well as managing security operations across the country. Rick previously was an executive protection detail leader in the San Francisco Bay area and Silicon Valley providing close protection to some of the most recognizable faces in the tech industry.  He is a retired police officer in Northern California and a Blauer Tactical Systems S.P.E.A.R. System law enforcement and military coach, Personal Defense Readiness coach and was a member of the BTS Mobile Training Team. As an MTT member, Rick traveled the world coaching soldiers, law enforcement and civilians in SPEAR System combatives and self-defense. He has helped design training curriculums for some of the nation's largest and most progressive law enforcement agencies.


As a police defensive tactics instructor, Rick was certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training as a weaponless defense instructor. He is a certified Krav Maga law enforcement and military instructor. As a defensive tactics instructor at his agency, Rick lead the creation of a new POST approved control and arrest course for agency instructors.


Rick Randolph

Security Consultant

Karla Leiper

Consultant/Women's Safety

Ms. Leiper is a safety advocate who has a passion for maintaining  safe communities.

Karla holds a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and has been licensed by the State of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist since 2005.  Her experience as a bilingual-Spanish speaking mental health clinician includes time with the

Marin County Health and Human Services Department and private organizations focused on solutions for at-risk families, group homes, juvenile probation, crisis intervention and juvenile psychiatric evaluations.


Karla Leiper began conducting personal safety presentations with an emphasis on equipping, educating, and empowering men and women through a focus on awareness and non-lethal protection in 2014 based on training from Damsel in Defense, Inc., Hector Alvarez, LLC and Conrad Woodall, Woodall’s Self Defense and Fitness Center.   She has extensive experience in public speaking regarding matters of safety, protection, and awareness. She has been a resource to hundreds of women and men, in homes, women’s groups, and recreational, and professional settings throughout Northern California.


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