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Confrontation Management - Advanced

Incorporating a balance of evidence-informed instruction with practical exercises this course builds on the knowledge gained in the basic course.  Participants are provided an opportunity to identify site-specific factors that may lead to or escalate a confrontation and then practice a range of management and de-escalation techniques and strategies in a controlled environment.   


This is a dynamic and highly interactive session with all participants having an opportunity to get involved. Multiple role-based scenarios are incorporated into this session that provides strategies and tactics for setting both emotional and physical boundaries – helping to keep yourself safer. 


Note: Stronger language and more intense interactions may be incorporated into the exercises.


Objective:  Completion of this course will provide students with a working knowledge of the contributing factors of confrontation and a range of response options. 


Target Audience: Individuals who have completed the basic course and are looking to expand their capabilities and knowledge.  It's highly encouraged for participants to attend in teams as the material is focused on site-specific issues.  


Core Content:  

  • Introduction to the Frustration- Aggression Model of Violence

  • Identification of site-specific challenges

  • Interpreting body language and recognizing signs of crisis and escalation

  • Recognizing the progression of Confrontation (Difficult, Disruptive, Dangerous)

  • Setting emotional and physical boundaries

  • Using Verbal Self-Defense and De-escalation Techniques

  • Scenario-based case studies



Length of Course: 4 hours



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