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Workplace Violence Prevention - SB553

What is Workplace Violence?

“Workplace violence” means any act of violence or threat of violence that occurs in a place of employment, that includes, but is not limited, the threat or use of physical force against an employee that results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in, injury, psychological trauma, or stress (regardless of whether the employee sustains an injury)


All our training courses are tailored to address the unique hazards and operational intricacies inherent to your organization.  By amalgamating extensive research with industry expertise, we deliver a comprehensive training program that not only captivates your employees but also equips them with the necessary tools to safeguard themselves and your organization effectively.


​Key components of our training curriculum include:

• Understanding the dynamics of workplace violence

• Implementing personal safety strategies

• Utilizing strategies and resources for maintaining workplace safety

• Recognizing and effectively responding to warning signs of violence

• Adhering to response protocols for Active Violence situations


Moreover, we ensure full compliance with the specific regulatory mandates outlined in SB553.

Our training covers essential aspects such as:

• Procedures for accessing and participating in the Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (WVPP) development and implementation process

• Clarification of key definitions and legal requirements stipulated by the law

• Guidance on reporting concerns to employers or law enforcement agencies, emphasizing protection against retaliation

• Identification of job-specific workplace hazards, the corresponding corrective measures implemented by the employer, and avenues for seeking assistance to prevent or respond to violence

• Familiarization with the violent incident log and procedures for accessing record copies


Length of Course: 2 hours

Virtual/In-Person delivery options

A detailed course outline can be provided on request.

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